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Bausch & Lomb BioTrue ONEday for Presbyopia - Daily (Pack of 30 lenses)

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BioTrue ONEday for Presbyopia are monthly contacts from Bausch & Lomb. They are made of HyperGel, an award-winning material inspired by the natural biology of the eye and engineered to have the highest level of moisture content by retaining the moisture naturally produced by the eyes as the day passes offering a comfortable and clear vision. They feature the 3-Zone Progressive proprietary design that is precisely tune to deliver natural near, intermediate and far vision.

  • nesofilcon Alens material
  • 78% water content
  • 42 Dk/t oxygen permeability


    • Daily contact lenses are intended to be only worn once, so there’s no need to clean and store them for another day—always open a fresh pair
    • Follow your doctor’s instructions, along with any information on the package
    • Store your contact lenses at room temperature